My values

We all have more fun and produce better work collaborating with people of similar values, so here are mine.

1. Quality 

Epic quality. Always. Each piece of work is stand alone awesome.

3. 100% honesty 

Life is just easier when everyone is honest. I really want to create the best work possible and for that I need honesty about what's going on and people's thoughts/feelings. It's important to me that everyone feels confident in the work.

4. Sustainable 

By this I am referring to creating good for the environment, or at least no harm. This also includes working at a sustainable way without burning out - don’t mistake this for not working hard though. It also refers to not engaging with artificial needs.

6. El Trabajo! 

El Trabajo means ‘the work’ in Spanish. The Mexican chief Kuauhtli Vasquez once told me - there will always be work to do, so let’s have fun while we do it!
Check out Kuauhtli’s collab with Nightmares on Wax for some good vibes here.

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